MyTravel-Buddy™ WrapAround 360-DEGREE Travel Pillow

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MyTravel Buddy™ WrapAround Travel Pillow combines super soft, hypoallergenic fleece with a hidden internal neck support system to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping – no need to lean against a window.

Get a blissful sleep on your next long haul flight without pain or discomfort. It's scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow for travel. Wrap around Travel Pillow has been strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.


The best part? This travel accessory is lightweight and packs super small for traveling.

Grab it before you go, then wrap and nap whenever you get a moment. We guarantee your best sleep on the move.

Planes, trains and automobiles just became more comfortable.

Trendsetting Travel Neck Pillow – Supportive Travel Pillows for Airplanes, Car Rides & Train Trips. When it comes to airplane travel accessories for long flights & rides, not all travel pillows cut it.This is because conventional neck pillows lack the support & convenience needed for traveling. Created to support the neck when sleeping in an upright position & made out of soft cotton, our traveler's pillow really is the ultimate travel pillow for the frequent travelers.



Stabilizes & Supports the Head & Neck • No More Stiffness, Soreness, Cricks or Cramps

While your typical travel pillow can cause neck stiffness & soreness because it doesn't elevate the head, this one supports your neck to prevent aches & pains. You can fall asleep sitting up & awaken with absolutely no discomfort! A travel pillow neck scarf will change the way you regenerate when traveling, exploring & adventuring. No wonder it's one of the top rated travel gift ideas for travelers.


Best Long Flight Travel Neck Pillows for Airplanes, Train Trips & Car/Bus Rides + More 
You never know when you're going to need to take a nap or get in some sleep while sitting upright. Now, you can sleep & snooze just about anywhere! Thanks to the innovative design of our traveling pillow scarf. Use it on long trans-continental flights, when road tripping or when taking a train to your final destination. It's the neck support travel pillow that gives you the freedom of comfy sleep!


Since they're MACHINE WASHABLE, these neck traveling pillows are easy to keep clean. Simply remove the plastic support insert & then toss the soft neck scarf pillow wrap in the wash.


It does keep your head from dropping forward. You can place the support wherever you need it, on the left, the right, even in front. It does a great job of keeping your head supported and not rolling around as you sleep. 

How to Wear Your Travel Pillow

1, Unwrap Your Travel Pillow
2, Position it on Either Side of Your Neck or Anywhere Under Your Chin
3, Wrap Up Enjoy Your Travel

How to use


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