Ultra-Sonic Vibration Teeth & Gum Stain Remover

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Brushing your teeth is never really enough. Chances are, just brushing doesn't really get rid of small particles which causes plaque and tartar build-up and stains your teeth. Get Whiter and Brighter teeth with the Sonic Pic: Ultrasonic Dental Toothpick.

The Sonic Pic is an ultrasonic cleaning system that gives off an amazing 3,000 vibrations per minute to effectively scrape off plaque and tartar build-up. It works so well it feels like you just got back from the dentist after every time you use it.

Just like a traditional scaler your dentist uses to scrape food residue off, the Sonic Pic makes it easier for you through sonic vibrations to gently clean and scrape build-up off, so you don’t get the uncomfortable feeling of metal grinding against your teeth. With a Sonic Pic, its like you can get a professional dental cleaning anytime you want it.


Soft Comfort Grip for easy handling.
Silicone Flossing Tip - perfect for sensitive teeth.
Powerful LED Light+ dental mirror.
Will work on Crowns, Veneers and Dental Work.
Will work in small spaces between teeth.
Safe for Teeth Enamel & Safe for Children Use.
Very Portable and Travel-Friendly.
Requires (1) AAA Battery.

Get that Hollywood smile you've been wanting without the hassle of making appointments, waiting rooms and mounting dental bills. Get a Sonic Pic Ultrasonic Dental Toothpick now and Get that professional cleaning job from the comfort of your own home!


Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.