Automatic Electric Wine Opener

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A sleek automatic electric wine opener that effortlessly pulls and releases both natural and synthetic corks 

This WINE OPENER is a must have for any Wine connoisseur, be the envy or your guests. This gorgeous looking Wine Opener will remove the cork from a wine bottle in seconds with the touch of a button.

Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, this must-have wine bottle opener kit also includes a foil cutter to quickly remove foil seals.



- Open the wine in 6 - 8 seconds
- Compatible with rechargeable battery and AA alkaline battery ( not included )
- Transparent corkscrew cover to watch the stopper out
- Food-grade screw, safe and durable
- Easy operating buttons to push and pull the cork
- Aluminum alloy housing and ABS transparent screw cover
- Less than 75dB -low working noise
- Power: 5W
- Rated voltage: 6V

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Wine pourer – Creates enhanced flavor with the with the attachable decanting and AERATING POURER which oxygenates the wine as you pour providing a fuller and smoother taste. Exposing the wine to air before drinking brings out the true character and subtle flavors that are found in every bottle of wine. The use of a good wine pourer improves the quality of the wine providing your guests with the best possible taste

VACUUM STOP will keep your wine fresh, Using a high quality vacuum stop such as ours will preserve the flavor of your wine. Using a cork will trap air in the bottle and cause the wine to oxidize.


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